“A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.” — William Styro (via instila)

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Men want what they want.

So much of our culture caters to giving men what they want. A high school student invites model Kate Upton to attend his prom, and he’s congratulated for his audacity. A male fan at a Beyoncé concert reaches up to the stage to slap her ass because her ass is there, her ass is magnificent, and he wants to feel it. The science fiction fandom community is once again having a heated discussion, across the Internet, about the ongoing problem of sexual harassment at conventions — countless women are telling all manner of stories about how, without their consent, they are groped, ogled, lured into hotel rooms under false pretenses, physically lifted off the ground, and more.

But men want what they want. We should all lighten up.

It’s hard not to feel humorless as a woman and a feminist, to recognize misogyny in so many forms, some great and some small, and know you’re not imagining things. It’s hard to be told to lighten up because if you lighten up any more, you’re going to float the fuck away. The problem is not that one of these things is happening, it’s that they are all happening, concurrently and constantly.

These are just songs. They are just jokes. They are just movies. It’s just a hug. They’re just breasts. Smile, you’re beautiful. Can’t a man pay you a compliment? In truth, this is all a symptom of a much more virulent cultural sickness — one where women exist to satisfy the whims of men, one where a woman’s worth is consistently diminished or entirely ignored.

” — What Men Want, America Delivers - from the inimitable Roxane Gay (via ethiopienne)

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Easter, Pascha  in  Latin, Paskha in Greek, is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion as described in the New Testament. The name Easter is derived from the Hebrew word pesach for ‘he passed over’. The New Testament teaches that the resurrection of Jesus, which Easter celebrates, is a foundation of the Christian faith.

Happy Easter 

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Title: 본능적으로
Artist: 강승윤
Played: 345 times


내 생 최고의 사랑일지 미친 사랑의 시작일지
해봐야 아는 게 사랑이지 이제 우리 시작할까 Oh-Oh-Oh


'each man kills the thing he loves

each man kills the thing he loves

some when young, some when old

some with passion, some with gold

each man kills the thing he loves’

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“We don’t talk anymore and you don’t seem to care.” — A 10-word story (via imjustjeon)

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I never look back. I always look forward. From Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Hirani to Imtiaz Ali, I’ve worked with the best. Also, I have kept a balance between my movies and my personal life. I never said that I am working 28 hours a day. I can never be like that. I will always have both. I have always been in a relationship. I don’t remember the time when I wasn’t in one.

Doctor Who + Colors

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“I always thought that I could never
live without you.
But it’s been a few years
since I’ve heard your voice.
My hair is a lot shorter.
I sleep earlier than I used to.
I guess what I’m trying to say is
my world had fallen apart
and yet I am still here.” — Tina TranEverything is impermanent 

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“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” — Tom Clancy (via observando)

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